Colors & Styles

Woodland Concrete creates solutions which are done properly from the beginning; mixing color directly and completely into the concrete, combining patterns to help accent and enhance your application, and using experienced workers.

The Woodland Color Process
Woodland Concrete uses an integral color process to create a beautiful, consistent, and lasting stamped concrete solution. By mixing the color directly into the concrete, we ensure that every section of concrete is the same color. Therefore chips or cracks that may occur over time will not expose an unsightly gray color. A stamped concrete project by Woodland Concrete will be durable and worry free for a long time, ensuring piece of mind for the owner.

Woodland Patterns
Every stamped concrete project is unique in its own way. It takes experience and creativity to apply the patterns to each project in the most appropriate manner.

Woodland Concrete also takes pride in mixing patterns together to achieve compelling solutions. We feel our experience with mixing patterns together creatively makes us the No. 1 choice for stamped concrete.

Ashlar Cut SlateLight Gray
London CobbleOmaha Tan
European FanPewter
Random StoneCobblestone
Herring Bone BrickTerra Cotta
Octagon TileBrick Red

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